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Don't bother trying to remove that stump in the yard yourself - without the right tools, it's back breaking work. Gebhard & Son Tree Service has the years of experience and well maintained machines to make your yard look like that stump was never there.

Grind that stump to nothing in no time

- Stump grinder

- Root removal

- Fill dirt service

- Grass seeding

-Yard clean up service

When was the last time your trees were trimmed? Regular maintenance tree trimming can help your family avoid emergency tree removal in a storm.

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Trip over that stump for the last time today

Our staff are experts with a variety of our equipment, including bucket trucks, stump grinders, wood chippers, top quality chain saws, and skid loaders.

In business since 1976 - let us put our years of tree maintenance experience to work for you!

Fast, affordable stump removal so you can enjoy your lawn

You won't have to worry about the kids getting hurt when they're playing in the back yard anymore when that stump in the middle of the lawn is gone. Not only can we remove the stump, but we can also fill in the hole and make it look like your lawn was always that smooth.


You'll appreciate that our service shaves the stump to the ground, uses fill dirt to level the yard, and then we can even seed the area to create a safe and clear area. We can handle any stump, large or small! Whether it's on the property of your business or your home, our expert staff are here to provide you with a FREE estimate.



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